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World Heritage incorporates several divisions including the museum and exhibition division that administers exhibitions and museums of international stature including The Tutankhamun Exhibition and Britain’s award winning Dinosaur Museum. Other sections deal with the concept, feasibility and design of heritage based visitor attractions and retailing as well as heritage public relations and photography and a comprehensive marketing service. It also includes World Heritage Books, the publishing and book selling division.


Telling stories...

World Heritage’s education department makes learning about history, whether it be Dinosaurs or Ancient Egypt, fun and engaging. Through our team of qualified teachers we deliver programs built around the national curriculum from KS1 -2 through guided or self guided visits to our museums and exhibitions.


The Tutankhamun Exhibition

The Tutankhamun Exhibition has become recognised by schools from over much of England, as a major resource in the study of Ancient Egypt. School children can experience the mystery and wonder of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb first hand. The Exhibition - the most comprehensive and innovative on the boy pharaoh outside of Egypt - actually recreates the tomb, treasures, and mummy of Tutankhamun, exactly as it was when discovered by Howard Carter in 1922.

With the inclusion of Ancient Egypt in the National Curriculum the Exhibition is a wonderful resource to which children can relate, bringing to life the amazing story of this famous Pharaoh which has become a ‘must’ for schools.

A fantastic trip (we come every year) and as always the children have found it excellent. Enjoyed by all! Thank you.
— St Mary’s First School, West Moors

The Dinosaur Museum

What makes dinosaurs so popular with children? Nobody really knows for sure, but children from a very early age are fascinated by these prehistoric beasts. They quickly learn their names and all the facts associated with them, making dinosaurs a unique vehicle to harness a child’s early interest and channel that interest into the study of science and other subjects within the National Curriculum.

The Dinosaur Museum, Dorchester, Britain’s original Dinosaur Museum, is designed to break down barriers between visitors and exhibits inspiring pupils to engage with this fascinating subject. Visitors are positively encouraged to touch and use all their senses in their quest to experience the amazing world of the dinosaurs. Our program based around the national curriculum for Year 1 through to Year 6.

Brilliant.... Fantastic!
Helpful, friendly staff. Thank you.
— Tregonwell Academy

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