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World Heritage incorporates several divisions including the museum and exhibition division that administers exhibitions and museums of international stature including The Tutankhamun Exhibition and Britain’s award winning Dinosaur Museum. Other sections deal with the concept, feasibility and design of heritage based visitor attractions and retailing as well as heritage public relations and photography and a comprehensive marketing service. It also includes World Heritage Books, the publishing and book selling division.

Location Services

Location Services


TV & Filming / Location / Venue Hire 

World Heritage’s innovative and accurate display techniques has meant that our museums and exhibitions are regularly are used by national and international television as locations as well as for several leading advertising campaigns. With locations as varied as an ancient Egyptian tomb complete with treasures and mummy, a vintage Edwardian house to ancient China and the first emperor’s Terracotta Warriors, World Heritage offers unique locations with unprecedented access not found anywhere else in the UK.

The recreation of Tutankhamun's tomb and its treasures, with Tutankhamun's mummified body, and further treasures displayed in exact facsimile has made The Tutankhamun Exhibition a unique and ideal centre for producers. Such is the accuracy, accessibility and splendour of the exhibits that they lend themselves easily for the use in television, film and as a location for fashion and advertising shoots.


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